The Eugenio María de Hostos High School includes grades 9 through 12 and is located in the Kodak Campus:

343 State Street, Building 10, 5th floor

Rochester, NY 14650

Phone: (585) 544-6170

Fax: (585) 207-6893

Dear EMHCS HS Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you and your family are doing well and that students are ready and looking forward to a great school year.  Here is some information about our plans for this school year.

We believe that our students deserve to be educated by highly trained staff following a rigorous curriculum using research based methodologies.  


  • There are no changes to the school-wide curriculum

  • School will look and be different as students participate in their classes in-person, virtually, or within a hybrid model, however, the learning will remain the same.

Daily Schedule:

This year, the High School day will begin at 7:00 a.m. and will end at 2:30 p.m.  

For the safety of our students and staff, at the High School level, students will attend school following a hybrid model or a 100% virtual model. Students following the hybrid model will be divided into two groups: Group A and Group B and alternate days between in-person and virtual with an early dismissal on Fridays (12:00 pm). Students in-person and virtual will be participating in the same lesson. Lessons will be live-streamed to those at home.


Students who selected the  virtual model will attend school daily via an online platform.  They will follow the same time schedule as those attending school in person.  Virtual students are expected to log into each of their classes at the beginning of the class and keep their cameras on at all times. Teachers and students will interact daily through the use of Google Suite and other applications as determined by their teachers.

Attendance will be taken daily.



  • Attendance will be taken and recorded daily

  • Students who arrive late - report to parent center

  • Communicate early dismissal with parent center

  • Communicate student absences to the parent center

  • Attendance will be taken and recorded daily in each class.

  • Students need to log in for class on time with cameras on

  • Communicate student absences to the parent center



  • To ensure educational equity, students in all virtual and hybrid models will be provided with a Chromebook and hotspot (for those that need it) and will receive training on how to use them. Students participating in the hybrid model are required to bring their laptops to school and from school daily. 

  • Parents will need to sign out the Chromebook and agree to ensure that the student takes good care of the equipment and to reimburse the school for any damage to the technology.

  • Students experiencing any technical issues, should make those known to their teachers or call our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Martinez.


Safety and Health Measures:

  • No Visitors to the Classrooms.

  • Minimized/Reduced visitors to the building.

  • Staff and student screening prior to attending school

  • No Assemblies, Field Trips (all field trips will be virtual)

  • No Lockers – students bring backpacks (water bottle, mask)

  • Flow of student movement – arrows/tape floor, signage

  • Hand Sanitizer when entering classroom

  • Must wear masks while entering building and while in the building


All students must follow ALL SAFETY PROTOCOLS. Failure to do so will result in immediate assignment to an all virtual model and disciplinary actions accordingly.



  • Students, staff, visitors, guests, parents, contractors and vendors will be screened (temperature check and respond to questionnaire) before clearance to the school building is granted.

  • Individuals answering yes to any of the questions, or have a temperature above 100.0, will not be granted access to the facility. Staff will need written documentation from their Doctor in order to return to campus. Students who fall in this category will follow the virtual model for instruction.

  • Students who have been cleared for entry and develop symptoms throughout the day will be referred to the health office and will undergo further screening process under the guidelines provided by the NYS DOH.

  • Students, staff and visitors entering any EMHCS facility are required to wear a face mask. Students are also required to wear a mask on the bus. Students will wait to enter the building in a line, six feet apart from each other. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment and temperature check stations will be set up at main entrances in which the school will provide hand sanitizer for everyone entering the building.

  • All students, staff and visitors must follow the social distancing protocols.

  • All students and staff are required to practice proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

  • All classrooms and common areas will be disinfected daily.


TESTING: The school’s health nurse will refer students and staff for Covid-19 diagnostic testing, in consultation with local health department officials as needed, which includes symptomatic individuals, close contacts of COVID-19 suspected or confirmed individuals and individuals with recent international travel or travel within a state with widespread transmission of COVID-19 as designated through the New York State Travel Advisory, before allowing such individuals to return to in-person learning and teaching.


CONTACT TRACING: The school plans to support the local health department in contact tracing efforts using the protocols, training, and tools provided through the New York State Contact Tracing Program.

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