School Safety

School safety is of utmost priority for EMHCS. We have a main safety plan embedded on our website and each campus has a Building Level Emergency Response Plan and Emergency Response team. Staff have been informed and have attended professional development on how to handle emergency situations including; drills, evacuations, school safety and security.

We have a designated Chief Emergency Officer who works closely with the Campus Liaison and also local first responders to ensure that we are providing a safe and nurturing community. 

EMHCS 2021-2022 Safety Plan

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ReOpening Plan

John Harris
Director of Operations &
Student Support Services

We will follow CDC recommendations and the NYSED as we plan for reopening. A one-page reopening plan will be posted to our site which outlines the following: Masks are required at all facilities regardless of vaccination status; where possible, students and staff will maintain a distance of 3ft unless when eating in which 6ft is recommended; Additional precautions will be in place such as; health screenings for students and staff, Temperature checks; sneeze guards and desk barriers for students. 

EMHCS ReOpening Document