School Safety

School safety is of utmost priority for EMHCS. We have a main safety plan embedded on our website and each campus has a Building Level Emergency Response Plan and Emergency Response team. Staff have been informed and have attended professional development on how to handle emergency situations including; drills, evacuations, school safety and security.

We have a designated Chief Emergency Officer who works closely with the Campus Liaison and also local first responders to ensure that we are providing a safe and nurturing community. 

EMHCS 2022-2023 Safety Plan

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John Harris
Director of Operations &
Student Support Services


We continue to follow the CDC and NYSED guidelines and recommendations set forth. Based on the most recent guidance, we have gone to an optional masking policy and as much as possible, maintaining a distance of at least 3 feet. Additional precautions such as sneeze guards, desk barriers, sanitizer, masks, and at-home testing kits are available. 

We ask that all students and parents keep open lines of communication if they are not feeling well or happen to test positive for COVID19. Please call the school Secretary and inform them as soon as possible. In addition, please report all positive tests to the MCDOH using the self-reporting forms and online access. A link to the site is found below.