Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School

Dear Staff, Students and Families:


I would like to take a moment to address and reflect on the recent natural disasters that have affected our own country, Puerto Rico and Mexico.


These latest natural disasters have not only caused devastating damages, but they have affected many people.  I humbly ask that we be cognizant of our fellow brothers, many of who are our colleagues and friends that have family in these areas.


These disasters not only affect human lives but the overall economic, infrastructure and well-being of these areas. For those with family members in these areas please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. 


I hope that we are able to empathize and recognize that these occurrences affect everyone differently and it is important for us to be cognizant of this. 


We are here to support you as these situations continue to unfold.  Our social workers and counselors are here to support our students and for staff — feel free to connect with Ms. Perez ( or Ms. Martinez ( who can connect you with local resources if needed.


Thank you,


Maycanitza Pérez

Executive Director




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