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Academic Spotlight 03/2018

Congratulations to Ms. Maybell, Ms. Haywood, Mr. K. Jackson for engaging and motivating our students during NYS Test Prep.

Thank you for celebrating students’ hard work and accomplishments! It was amazing to see the comradery from students as their peers received their awards and certificates today!

Question of the Day: I used twenty-three of the released questions from the 2017 NYS math assessment and students were responsible for answering one a day. In order for the students to receive credit, they had to show in detail how they arrived at their answer. Students were not allowed to use their notes or calculator. Each day students who got the correct answer received a sticker for that question. Every standard was a different color to help me quickly identify areas of concern and strengths. At the end there were several ties, so the students had to answer 3 questions (came for NYS exam) for a tie breaker. ~Ms. Maybell.

I look forward to round two!

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Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School

Main phone number: (585) 544-6170

Grades K-5
27 Zimbrich Street Rochester, NY 14621

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1069 Joseph Avenue Rochester, NY 14621

Grades 9 – 12
343 State Street, Building 10, 5th floor.
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