About Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School



The Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School has been determined “an academic success” by the SUNY Charter Schools Institute.

The school’s success is attributed to the belief that if a child cannot learn the way we teach, then we will learn to teach the way the child can learn. The school is focused on its mission “to create a safe and nurturing community of learners where students earn the Seal of Biliteracy (English and Spanish), learn to advocate for social justice and are prepared to enjoy and access what the world has to offer..”

The teachers address the different learning styles in their daily instruction and help students make connections between the classroom and the real world through project-based learning experiences.

The faculty, staff, and students view themselves as self-reflective, continuous learners and the parents view themselves as partners in their children’s education. Students are taught that in order to succeed, you need to believe in your ability to learn. Then you need to work hard to gain skills and knowledge. Therefore the school’s motto is “Believe, Achieve, Succeed”.