Students Testimonials

What is your favorite thing about the school?

“Sports and the teachers. There’s a time to play and a time to learn. The school has a good vibe

Would you recommend this school to others? Why or why not?

“Yes and no. Yes because it’s not a bad school, and I wouldn’t because we get out late”

D. Velquez, Grade 7


What is your favorite thing about the school?

“A lot of teachers are really nice. I like to get called on by the teacher to answer the questions. We get to see our friends and make new friends. We get to help the teachers with cleaning, which shows PRIDE

Would you recommend this school to others? Why or why not?

“Yes because this school is a good school. There’s a lot of teachers around who make sure you are doing the right thing and you are safe. They don’t leave you out”

Anything else to add?

“I like the school because there are a lot of signs around to tell you what you should do. You should pay attention and read it, not just walk past it, and not run because it might say no running in halls. These were a lot of fun to do!”

S. Mason, Grade 2


“My favorite thing is the classroom. There are a lot of things that we can do in the classroom. We have teachers who help us learn and understand things better. I like how we can go to the classroom during lunch so we can hang out with the teacher and other students. I think my school is best for other people because it can help people learn things easier so they won’t struggle with their learning. If other people are struggling with things that are hard for them, they can look for an adult to help them.”

W. Fowler, Grade 5


“There are so many things that we get to do at our school.  Our teachers help us a lot and let us get help when we need it before the test comes.  During the ELT program, we get to explore our true passions like singing and making things like arts and crafts.  I like how we have smart televisions in our room because it makes it easier to do things in class.  They make our learning more fun!  We also can use computers in our classroom to help us learn things better in reading, math, and other subjects. I have a lot of friends here and we work together because we want to make our school be at the top of the chart.”

T. Chandler, Grade 5


“I have been here since Kindergarten and I really like it.  My teachers have high expectations, and I usually I exceed those.  I feel like teachers with high expectations are good teachers for expecting a lot from students.  We have longer hours, which is good because I learn more.  With our extended day, we also have pretty cool fun activities too.”

Frank, Grade 5


“My favorite thing about school is reading.  I like reading because I want to be good at reading like my mom and dad. I recommend our school to other people so people can be very good at reading. I  think that people should go to this school because it is a really good school and you can learn a lot of stuff.  There are nice teachers, like Ms. Baez, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Santiago, Ms. Aponte, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Faller, and Mr. Hernandez.”

S. Pardo, Grade 2


What is your favorite thing about our school?

“My favorite thing about school is math.  I like math because I want to be good at it”

Would you recommend our school to someone else? Why or why not?

“I would recommend our school to other people because I think this school is fun!  It is fun because we can learn a lot of new stuff like reading and math.  Our teacher said we may get to do an experiment next week. We get to do a lot of projects.”

X. Escriban, Grade 2