EMHCS Primary Program Information

Primary School Information

The faculty and staff work diligently to achieve the school’s mission of preparing students to meet and/or exceed the New York State standards in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Students in grades kindergarten through second learn Spanish through the Dual Language model, where the language of instruction alternates between English and Spanish. Students in grades third through sixth continue their Spanish studies during the Spanish Language Arts block.

The faculty and staff view themselves as self-reflective, continuous learners.  Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their children’s educational program.

Academic Program

The Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School offers students a dual language curriculum featuring English and Spanish. The enrichment educational model uses both languages for instruction. At the grades K-2, students alternate days between Spanish and English.  At grades 4-6, students receive their core courses in English and continue to study the Spanish language.

The school believes in hands-on learning.  Therefore, instruction is delivered in a workshop model where teachers begin with a focused, standards-based, explicit mini-lesson, followed by a work period which enables students to practice their new learning in focused center groups.

For math instruction, teachers use the NYS Math Modules, which correlate to the Common Core Standards and the expectations of the New York State assessments.

For grades K-2, students use the Wonders/Maravillas program for their language arts instruction.  It is a comprehensive program that has print and digital resources to help build a strong literacy foundation.

For grades 3-6, students use the NYS ELA Modules, which were created to teach the rigor, intent, and depth of the Common Core Standards.  Students participate in the 100 Book Challenge and are provided with independent reading opportunities on a daily basis.

To further enrich the curriculum, teachers set up unique opportunities for students that include them getting out into the community or having guest speakers come in to meet with them.  Some examples of field trips include: Stokie Farms, Genesee Country Village Museum, Seneca Park Zoo and Niagara Falls.  In addition, teachers have organized school experiences which includes: an Iroquois storyteller, ZooMobile, musicians from Peru, author’s day with a guest author, 100 Challenge Kick-off to get kids excited about reading, and 100th Day of School Celebration

Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program will run daily from 3:30-4: 30 pm.  Each day, Wellness Partners, certified health staff, and Garth Fagan trained dance instructors will be working with students to help support living and sustaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  Paraprofessional staff attends Playworks training over the summer to find ways to increase movements during the day, especially during recess.  We will also have programming through the Center for Youth Services and IBERO/United Way and FoodLink to further enhance the students’ wellness experience.  Thanks to a grant made available through the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, our school will receive training and equipment to sustain this program.