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School News

Science Lesson

Our first graders are learning all about the human body and the digestive system. At the beginning of the school year, we worked on nutrition and what we need to stay healthy and strong. We have used our prior knowledge to learn what happens to our body once food...

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Academic Spotlight 03/2018

Congratulations to Ms. Maybell, Ms. Haywood, Mr. K. Jackson for engaging and motivating our students during NYS Test Prep. Thank you for celebrating students’ hard work and accomplishments! It was amazing to see the comradery from students as their peers received...

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Spreading Positivity

Last week grades 8 & 9 talked about ways to spread positivity. The classes came up with positive post-it notes, reading with younger classes or crafting with a younger class. What a success today was! Mrs. Booth welcomed us into her class with open arms. Eighth grade...

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School Life

We are proud to be EMHCS!

Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School takes pride in the 19 years of being an educational institution of excellence in our community. Our school provides new and innovative ways of learning. Each student is unique and therefore our teachers understand that the learning style of each child may differ, and our staff is equipped to help nourish those learning styles.

We are extremely proud of the talented pool of employees that we have serving our students. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our students receive the best possible education, if a student is unable to learn the way we teach, then we will learn to teach the way the child can learn. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every child has a quality education regardless of socioeconomic levels.

We appreciate the sense of family that has been fostered throughout the years and the commitment that you have in your child’s education. We are very excited about the expansion of our school to include 12th grade next year and have our first graduating class in 2020.

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Read From Our Students' Parents

“Hello! My name is Lakiescha Jones, parent of three EMHCS alumni. Jarron is now a senior at Notre Dame.
Jamir and Jaiviana are honor roll students at Aquinas.
My children wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for my EMCHS Village. They helped my children excel at their own pace, never limiting them. They enabled them to enter Aquinas taking honors courses, as well as completing Spanish 3 by grade 10. They were engaging, consistent and caring.

The teachers at EMCHS worked with me when my children weren’t behaving or having issues with anything!! I was always a phone call or note away, keeping me informed of the positive and negative.
Loved the dance programs, providing them outlets at the end of the long school day!
Forever Grateful to My EMCHS Staff!!”

Lakiescha Jones

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Eugenio María De Hostos
Charter School

Grades K-8
27 Zimbrich Street
Rochester, NY 14621
Phone: (585) 544-6170

Grades 9-11
1069 Joseph Avenue
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Phone: (585) 697-7115

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