Middle School Curriculum and Instruction


Eureka Math, also known as EngageNY, carefully sequences the curriculum through crafted step-by-step modules that connect math to the real world in ways that build student confidence to achieve a true understanding of content.

English Language Arts

PCG’s Paths to College and Career curriculum, also known as the EngageNY curriculum, provides educators with lesson-by-lesson guidance to implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for grades 6–8 English Language Arts. The curriculum empowers the teachers to use and adapt the instructional resources to best support student needs and strengths. students build their ability to read closely, use evidence, write effectively and conduct research

In grade 6, students examine a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Students explore mythology, social justice, the rules we live by and build knowledge about environmental issues like pesticide use.

In grade 7, students examine the experiences of people of Southern Sudan during and after the Second Sudanese Civil War, historical and modern-day working conditions, Frederick Douglass, and adolescent brain development.

In grade 8, students learn about the challenges of fictional and real refugees, what it means to take a stand, opposing experiences of war and conflict, and food supply and sustainability.

Social Studies

The NYS Social Studies framework, engageNY curriculum, at the 6th-grade level focuses on the geography and history of the Eastern Hemisphere, including the development of cultures, civilizations, and empires; interactions between societies; and the comparison of trends in government and economics.

In Grades 7 and 8, students will examine the United States and New York State through a historical lens. The two-year sequence is arranged chronologically, beginning with the settlement of North America by Native Americans and ending with an examination of the United States in the 21st century. In addition, both courses also integrate the skills and content from geography, politics, economy, and culture into the study of history.


The Elevate Science Middle Grades program puts exploration at the heart of science. Scientific inquiry encourages investigation, collaboration, and creativity applying scientific and engineering practices in problem-based scenarios. Students focus on analysis, critical thinking, and designing solutions as they explore real-world topics and everyday phenomena. Elevate Science deepens students’ conceptual understanding of science and prepares them for high school and beyond.


Creative Arts follows the New York State standards and curriculum: of image, plan, make, evaluate, present and relate.  This exploratory class is designed to help improve students’ basic art skills of drawing, painting and sculpting, it makes connections to art history of various different cultures.  Students design artwork using a variety of media and techniques, inspired by both contemporary artists and traditional artists. Students are encouraged to apply creativity, self-expression, critical thinking along with the art elements and principles of design. This art course makes connections to science, math, language arts, Spanish, history, music and real life.