Extended Day Learning

Welcome to the 21st CCLC Enrichment Program!

This program is an extension of the academic day and has specific elements of program design.

Through our Enrichment Programs, we aim to provide our students with a quality Extended Learning experience. Our programs at each campus offer a variety of hands-on activities, expressions through the arts, club options, and much more! We welcome all families to share in a wellness and enrichment experience to remember.

Program Mission and Theory

The mission of the EMHCS Enrichment Program is to provide students and their families with an afterschool bilingual environment where they feel safe and motivated to receive academic, social and emotional support, and participate in enrichment activities. Participants will receive family support services, learn to access community resources and believe the college dream.

The goal of our program is to educate the minds of children, develop their character, and address social-emotional needs. Extended Learning Time at EMHCS is intended to emulate the structure and essence of a quality school-age program. We aim to enrich participants in a way that they become assets to the communities in which they live.

The Enrichment program is supported by our Executive Director, School Principals, Education Coordinators, Program Coordinators, Community Partners, and support staff. We further encourage our students to believe in themselves, achieve their goals, and succeed as productive citizens of their community.

Program Overview

The Enrichment Program is structured differently at each of our campuses.

Elementary School (Zimbrich Campus) & Middle School (Joseph Campus):

The Extended Learning time at the Zimbrich and Joseph campus is packed with exciting enrichment activities such as Performing Arts, Drumming, Arts & Crafts, Graphic Design and much more. Students begin their extended learning time at 3:30 with a nutritious snack provided by our district food service department. Following snack, students participate in a highly engaging lesson centered on our five components of character education, health, physical activity, art, and academic skill-building. Parents have the opportunity to enroll their child (ren) for our after-school program that begins at 4:30. Enrolled students engage in various activities lead by our capable staff of community leaders. Students enjoy a hot dinner provided by Foodlink, Inc. prior to dismissal at 6:00 pm. Transportation is not provided for the after-school program and all students must be picked up by a parent or authorized adult by 6:00 pm. Any parent/authorized adult that picks students up after 6:00 pm will be required to pay $1.00 per minute.

High School (Kodak Campus):

The purpose of the High School ELT program is to enrich the curriculum. It provides opportunities for students to participate in a variety of activities based on interest and to continue to grow academically, and athletically.  Participation is mandatory and snacks are not provided at the High School level. ELT starts at 3:30 p.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m.

Students who need remediation in English or Math are placed in a mandatory Math or English Enrichment program.  They are to attend and fully participate in the program at least two times per week. This provides students with the opportunity to continue to sharpen their Math and/or English skill while also experience and learn about areas of choice. On-Line Enrichment provides students with the opportunity to conduct research, work on projects and to recover credit needed.

Attendance is taken by club sponsors/advisors.


Any updates to your child’s attendance or participation should be sent to our Program Coordinator, at  info@emhcharter.org. Please type your child’s name in the subject bar each time you email.