Extended Day Learning

Welcome to the EMHCS Enrichment Program!

Through our Enrichment Programs, we aim to provide our students with a quality Extended Learning experience. Our programs offer a healthy snack, hands-on activities, expressions through the arts, club options, and much more! We welcome all families to share in a wellness and enrichment experience to remember.

Program Mission and Theory

The mission of the EMHCS Enrichment Program is to provide students and their families with an afterschool bilingual environment where they feel safe and motivated to receive academic, social and emotional support, and participate in enrichment activities. Participants will receive family support services, learn to access community resources and believe the college dream.

The goal of our program is to educate the minds of children, develop their character, and address social-emotional needs. Extended Learning Time at EMHCS is intended to emulate the structure and essence of a quality school-age program. We aim to enrich participants in a way that they become assets to the communities in which they live.

The Enrichment program is supported by our Executive Director, School Principals, Education Coordinators, Program Coordinators, Community Partners, and support staff. We pride ourselves in providing a positive alternative to negative influences that might be present in the community. We further encourage our students to believe in themselves, achieve their goals, and succeed as productive citizens of their community.

Welcome to the 21st CCLC Enrichment Program! This program is an extension to the academic day and has specific elements of program design. The Enrichment Program is Monday- Friday from 4:30-6pm. This is an optional program with policies and procedures in place to ensure success.

Dinner: Daily meals will be provided to all participants.

Attendance: Daily attendance will be taken during the program. There is an attendance requirement for the program. If your child misses 10 days without proper communication they will be dropped. Parents are allowed to adjust participation based on student needs (for example: if your child has a sports program and can’t attend program certain days). It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate about attendance and special scheduling.

Communication: Any updates to your child’s attendance or participation should be sent to our Program Coordinator, at info@emhcharter.org. Please type your child’s name in the subject bar each time you email.

Participation: This is an optional program. Participants can opt-out at any time. Please provide communication on the date and reason if you choose to remove your child from the program.

Expectations: We follow our School CODE and disciplinary policies for student behavior during the program. If there is a concern you will be notified and appropriate steps are taken to resolve the issue. Disciplinary outcomes are at the discretion of School Administration and the Program Coordinator

Dismissal and Sign-out Procedures

Dismissal for late bus riders is 6 pm. Students who receive bus transportation will be escorted outside by their assigned Group Leader, and expected to follow procedures for a safe departure from school premises. All students who are picked up must be signed out. Please contact the school by 3 pm for any changes to dismissal. Please note, the most effective way to communicate changes for Enrichment dismissal is via email to the Program Coordinator.

Pick up time for all students is 6 pm prompt

Zimbrich Campus– For safety reasons parents are not allowed to enter the cafeteria during pickup. You will sign your child out at the sign-out station outside the cafeteria and your child will be brought to you. Please refrain from interacting with other children at dismissal.

Joseph Campus- Students will be picked up from the cafeteria. A sign out sheet will be located outside the cafeteria. After signing out, your child will be released to you by a staff member.

Please make sure that any special instructions regarding your child’s dismissal and/or transportation for Enrichment Program is sent directly to the Program Coordinator. It is our goal to ensure your child’s safety at all times. Thank you for your understanding and support of our program and procedures.