“I thought that the celebration was amazing. Many people had a wonderful time and everyone left with
a nice big smile! I thought it was nice how Nazareth came and helped our community and made us all
happy. I thought it was awesome and I think everyone who came thought that, too!”
Marie Quinones, 6th grade student EMHCS


“Hi! My name is Christian Acosta. I was one of the many 6th graders who attended the Resiliency
Celebration for Puerto Rico. The reason we created this celebration is for Puerto Ricans who have lost
their homes to Hurricane Maria and are forced to live in a new place. I really wanted people to have fun
and feel like they’re in a welcoming community. I think we accomplished that.”
Christan Acosta, 6th grade student EMHCS


“My experience at the EMHCS Resiliency Celebration was amazing. My friends and I loved playing the
games that the Nazareth students brought. I even made two new friends! The food and music allowed
me and other people there to have a great time and connect with each other. I loved the dancers and
the performers that performed that night. I hope we can do it again! I know that next year’s celebration
will be even better and more people will be able to come. This party made me feel proud to go to this
school and I hope to have many more in the future.”
Ayla Harris, 6th grade student EMHCS